Valley Springs Sportsmans Club

65 Valley Road
​North Grosvenordale , CT 06255                               860-923-2121

Upcoming meetings

House Committee 6:30 Monday 12/10
BOD 7:30 Monday 12/10

Membership 7:30 Thursday 12/13

Presidents Page

November 28, 2018

Dear Fellow Members: I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting me, my fellow officers, the House Committee, our Board of Directors, and our club during the last 2 years of my presidency. As your president, my only goal has been to support the many incredible projects and activities that take place at our club. I hope that you have felt that support and that I achieved my goal. I noted in my opening letter 2 years ago I have no doubt that together - our commitment, involvement, and support for the club will produce a year of enjoyment for all. I believe we have accomplished that the last 2 years!

My sincere appreciation goes out to our 2018 Elected Officers: Vice President: Dave Annese, Treasurer: Ryan Lajoie, Secretary: Mark Sweet, Financial Secretary: Kelly Genest. House Committee: Lenny Genest, Jean Grenier, Ryan Casavant, George O’Neil and Nancy Angell. Board of Directors: Legal and Bylaws: Ray Faucher, Jr., Fish and Game: Chad Messier, Grounds: Dean Demers, Kitchen: Brian Maynard, Special Events: Maggie Kane, Trap: Vinnie Benoit, Rifle and Pistol: Dick Majercik, Archery: Chris Milios, Softball: Laura Hackett, Horseshoes: Ron Duquette, E-mail correspondence: Jeff Skaradowski, Social Media: Catriona Shalvey, Historical: Louise Pugh. Without your dedication to your role and the club we simply would not be as successful as we have been.

Upcoming meetings: Our next House Committee and Board of Directors meetings will take place on Monday, December 10th with the House Committee meeting at 6:30pm followed by the Board of Directors meeting at 7:30pm. The general membership monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, December 13th at 7:30pm. All members should make every effort to attend this general membership meeting. As a reminder, any member in attendance has the opportunity to nominate other individuals off the floor to serve in the role of elected officers or on the House Committee. This is your opportunity to be heard as you will be charged with electing your next slate of officers, House Committee and voting on potential By-law changes.

At last month’s general membership meeting held on Thursday, November 8th, the nominating committee presented the following names for election for 2019: President: Dean Demers, Vice President: Brian Maynard, Treasurer: Ryan Lajoie, Secretary: Kathy Demers, Financial Secretary: Kelly Genest. House Committee: Lenny Genest, Jean Grenier, Ryan Casavant, Dick Majercik and Nancy Angell. A special thank you to the following members on this year’s nominating committee: Donnie Cimochowski, Chris Milios, Louise Pugh, Brian Maynard, Chris Pare, Laura Hackett, and Jeff Skaradowski.

Highlights of 2018 - Valley Springs celebrated many successful events including, but not limited to, several meat roll bingo evenings, a game dinner with many fantastic raffle prizes, the continuation of a concert series featuring great music and our homemade pizza, our annual children’s fishing derby and Christmas party! Some key purchases and updates made throughout the year include a new generator with a dedicated 1,000 gallon propane tank, a new rifle and pistol range with newly built benches, the building of a new pheasant pen and leveling the mound of the old pen that will create additional parking space, the clearance of trees to create space for the Ray Faucier Memorial gazebo, and updates to the horseshoe barn and parking lot lights!

In closing, I want to thank you all once again for an enjoyable and successful 2 years! I appreciate the support and tremendous effort put forth by so many to make our club one of the premier clubs in the area. Your dedication to the club does not go unnoticed. On behalf of the Valley Springs Sportsman’s Club, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.


Tony Kaczynski