Valley Springs Sportsman’s Club
Rifle & Pistol Range Rules

1. Please park in designated parking area only.
2. All shooters and their guest MUST sign in before shooting and sign out when done shooting.
3. No guest of a member is permitted to use the range without the member being present.
4. Eye and ear protection is required by all shooters and spectators.
5. The range is open from sunrise to sunset. The calendar for these times are in the sign in book.

6. Please be courteous and share the facility. If someone else wishes to shoot share the range.
7. The range may be closed at any time by the discretion of the Rifle & Pistol Chairperson or the President.
8. Never leave a firearm loaded while going down range to check or replace targets.
9. Firearms are not to be handled while people are downrange.
10. ABSOLUTELY no alcoholic beverages allowed on the rifle/pistol range. NO shooting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
11. Keep the range clean at all times. Bring your own targets and when done place them in the garbage barrel. Please do not shoot any type of glass.
12. Pick up your brass and place into appropriate barrels. All brass in barrels will then become club property. If you reload take your brass only.
13. All dependents under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to use the ranges.
14. NO armor piercing ammunition or explosive targets on the rifle/pistol range.
15. Begin at 25 yards when sighting in a new gun or sights.
16. No “sighting in” of rifles or pistols anywhere on the club grounds other than on the rifle/pistol range.
17. No fully automatic weapons allowed. (no trigger mechanisms or bump stocks for rapid fire)
18. Target size is limited to the backstop area. Do not attach targets to backstop.

19. Members wishing to use the ranges must read and understand all rules. Violation of any rule could result in revoked membership. Members are responsible for any and all guests using the ranges.
20. Always practice safe shooting and firearms handling habits.
21. No full metal frame target holders allowed. Non-moveable metal targets are not allowed. Spinning targets and fall-down targets are allowed if size for the caliber is being used.
22.Please be respectful of all club and or personal property on the range.

Pistol Range Project Progress 

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